Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why blogs count

I'll quote from the Republicans new primer (written, says The Politico, to help Senate candidates avoid another "macaca" snafu):
Hire at least one staff member, but hopefully three, to lasso the wild Web. Basically, the Internet can't be a payroll afterthought. Campaigns must have people who constantly update the website, manage postings on YouTube and MySpace, and monitor the hundreds, if not thousands, of chattering bloggers.
And get this:
The NRSC has hired two press secretaries for blogger outreach, and an in-house Web designer and video producer to assist campaigns. The committee also built a production studio in its basement for candidates to cut Web ads and trained campaign aides.
Obviously my career opportunities would expand exponentially if every Democratic candidate had the funding to hire two or three bloggers and vloggers (video bloggers). But we all know that's not going to happen at least in the short term here in the 10th.

Still, Pat go Bye Bye is our little way of keeping some kind of advantage over Republicans in this district. Why? Because Republicans can't do this. They just can't. They stifle dissent. Just look how they are treating the few Republicans brave enough to say that Patrick McHenry is not what he pretends to be. They could never support an uncensored forum of free-flowing ideas.

Here's some more advice from Republicans to their candidates:
"Every campaign should film their candidate and record his/her every move at any event that is open to the public," the guide states. "Campaigns should also remind their candidate that they should assume there is a camera on them at all times and act accordingly. It is also recommended that campaigns film their opponents' public events as well."
That's us. That's what we can do. Many still cameras now take video. But we can also post audio recordings so you don't have to have fancy equipment. However, I can't be everywhere. As I wrote yesterday, I can't do it without support from each county.

If you can't do it, find someone in your county who can. Encourage them. Contact me using the EMAIL US link on the left column.

Blogs like this one give Democrats a clear advantage over Republicans in the 2008 election. When news breaks, we all know the local press slants Republican. Monkeywrencher wrote about the Gaston paper's appalling coverage. The Charlotte Observer recently wrote a glowing puff piece about him, ignoring significant facts, presenting McHenry's public relations bullshit as if his staff had done the so-called "research." There are times when this blog is the only forum in the entire country covering the truth about McHenry.

But we don't have to focus on the negative. We are here to support candidates we can believe in. Again, advice intended for Republican candidates holds even more true for Democrats:
Make blogs your first point of contact. It used to be that campaigns checked in with newspaper reporters, then everybody else. Now, friendly blogs should be the first point of contact. (The NRSC bumped the mainstream media to step eight on its nine-step plan for communicating the campaign's message to the public.)
I'd love for Democrats in the district to start interviews with incumbents who plan to run in 2008 and candidates who have already announced. How great would it be to post these interviews. The candidates can link to us or even cut and paste our work to their site (with attribution, of course!).

But, as I keep saying. I can't do it without your help! Email us using the link in the upper left. You don't have to write much. You can just write a sentence and send me a link to the appropriate article. You don't have to limit yourself to the 10th district. National commentary would be appropriate. But let's move this website to the next level. Let's have more voices from the 10th participating. Why not email me right now. It won't cost you anything. And it's very satisfying to participate in making your community a better place (all while you sit in your home, perhaps in your pajamas, listening to your favorite tunes . . . )

Participation satisfies your soul much more than complaining!