Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's time for YOU to participate

I started this blog several months ago, hoping that I would have a contributor from every county. There are a few individuals who have contributed once or twice a month. But that's not enough. This is NOT Drama Queen's blog. It's the blog for progressives of the 10th Congressional District.

Here's just a few ideas:
You can comment on a news item in your county or neighborhood, whether it's mentioned in your local rag or not. We'd like to hear what's going on. We'd like to hear your opinion.

You can arrange an interview with a newsmaker, on tape or not (I'll help with the recording if you need it). You can write a written report or I can help you edit the video or post it unedited.

You can comment on the news coverage in your district. Is it fair and balanced? If not, what would you like to see changed.

You can comment on Pat McHenry's voting record, public stances, campaign promises.

You can comment on the actions or inactions of any elected official, supportive or not, Republican or Democrat.

You can send items of interest about your precinct, county or district party activities (or suggestions).

You can photoshop something funny, or ironic, or draw a cartoon.

Or maybe there's something I haven't written here that you're thinking of . . .

You can contribute anonymously, click on EMAIL US in the left column. Create a Google account. I'll never know who you are. Tell me what you'd like to use as your name to post or I'll just use the word anonymous. You can just your regular email account and tell me your name but still be anonymous. Or you can have me post it in your name.
This site is getting lots of hits each day. But that will not continue unless there is fresh content from a variety of sources. And I'm not going to continue to post something every day. I've gotten this started. It's time for YOU to help it continue.

It's up to you, 10th District progressives. I've started a good thing but I can't make a community happen without your help. So, stop being uncooperatively shy. Step up to the plate and make a good thing great.