Friday, June 1, 2007

NC GOP convention: got $260 to spare?

And that doesn't include gas or lodging or the open bar everyone is going to need to survive all the complaining about the 2006 election losses.

And the top treat of the whole event is a speech Saturday night by whiny little Pat McHenry. For that kind of money, I wonder if they're offering a vomitorium.

Here's more info, according to the Stanly News and Press:
Workshops will include political training sessions, business training sessions and general sessions.

The political session will include voter vault training, GOPAC training and starting and building a strong Republican club.

The business sessions will include debate on the platform, resolutions, plan of organization and the election of the State Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Friday evening from 7-9, Robert M. Duncan, chairman of the Republican National Committee and U.S. Rep Robin Hayes, R-Concord will be the featured guest speakers at a dinner banquet.

Congresswoman Sue Myrick will be the featured speaker at Saturday’s luncheon and Congressman Patrick McHenry will be the evening banquet speaker.

Sunday morning, there will be a prayer breakfast, where Judge John Tyson of the N.C. Court of Appeals will speak.

To attend all sessions and events, the cost is $260, or sessions are $50 each, evening banquets are $75 each and the luncheon and breakfast are $30 each.