Friday, June 22, 2007

McHenry lectures president

Now, our Pat thinks he's an expert on the Middle East. Who knew?

This from the News & Observer:
WASHINGTON - With public support for the Iraq war plummeting and conditions in Iraq remaining dire, some Charlotte-area Republican lawmakers say President Bush needs a better message to the nation.
. . .
Rep. Patrick McHenry, a Cherryville Republican, said the president should have characterized the challenge as a "war against Islamic extremists" instead of a war on terrorism.

"Terrorism is merely a tactic. Islamic extremists are the ones actively targeting Americans because they loathe our culture, laws and freedoms," McHenry said.

"Certainly, the president has made mistakes in handling the Iraq war, but his end goal is clear and correct -- we must fight the extremists where they are. Fighting them in Iraq and Afghanistan is far better than fighting them here."

" . . . his goal is clear and correct" Wow. Don't know anyone who isn't on the bush gravy train who thought the understaffed surge would work or that the understaffed surge is working. But I guess Patrick knows something that the rest of America (and the military leaders) don't. Like how to stick his head up his you-know-what and spout the party line: "our president knows what he's doing . . . he just doesn't know how to talk about it." Yeah, that's the ticket.

Of course and no mention that the problem is that none of these people were in Iraq before we invaded, before Rumsfeld decided to send in less than half the troops all the real experts knew we would need. I don't see what was correct about that. But water under the bridge at this point.