Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thinking for themselves

What's on the mind of the next generation of (male) political thinkers?

I got a quick glimpse on Monday while taking part in a Democrat vs. Republican Q&A session at this year's American Legion TarHeel Boys' State. The gathering brings together rising high school seniors from across North Carolina for a week of civics-related activities and political discussion.

Many of the questions explored predicatable subjects for top high school students -- college loans, gas prices, support for charter schools, etc.

Two specific questions, however, give me hope for the future of our political system. High school seniors are apparently still able to think for themselves. The questions:
Do you agree that the war in Iraq can be defined as a war for oil?
Are you concerned that the idea of a national ID card is basically Big Brother trying to infringe on our freedoms and our civil rights?
The students are also thinking ahead to 2010 -- two questions focused on gerrymandering of state house and senate districts and how to come up with a fair system for drawing district lines (a real challenge that happens every 10 years).

Here's hoping they come up with a system we can all be happy with!