Friday, June 1, 2007

McHenry on immigration plan: "ugly"

According to the Charlotte Observer, here's what McHenry had to say about the current proposed immigration compromise plan:
"The Senate's proposal is nothing more than amnesty wearing make-up -- it's easier to look at, but just as ugly underneath."
NC Senator Dole:
"I recognize that immigration reform is urgently needed, but I cannot support the current bill considered in the Senate because it creates a new path to citizenship for those here illegally."
NC Senator Burr:
"I voted in favor of a procedural motion to move to debate on the immigration reform proposal. I will be monitoring the amendment process very closely as the debate unfolds over the coming weeks."
Here's what some other North Carolina represenetatives said:
Rep Sue Myrick, R-Charlotte: "I think it's a slap in the face to the 4 million in our country legally who are already in the system awaiting citizenship."

Rep. Robin Hayes, R-Concord: "The Senate proposal includes a provision, which I am against, to allow illegal immigrants to purchase legal immigration status for $5,000."
Local views (left and right) on immigration: Scrutiny Hooligans, BlueNC, Federation for American Immigration Reform, NPR debate.

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