Sunday, June 17, 2007

McHenry mentor Rove to be investigated for politicizing the gub-mint

Big shock, I know.

Think Progress has a good write-up on it. It's probably too much to hope that Pat himself is implicated. But he learned at this man's feet. So, we should all probably be on the lookout for similar activities on Pat's part.

Eighteen agencies have been asked by the Office of Special Counsel to preserve electronic information dating back to January 2001 as part of its governmentwide investigation into alleged violations of the law that limits political activity in federal agencies.

The OSC task force investigating the claims has asked agencies, including the General Services Administration, to preserve all e-mail records, calendar information, phone logs and hard drives going back to the beginning of the Bush administration. The task force is headed by deputy OSC special counsel James Byrne.

After all, Rove has been behind the making of all kinds of allegations of voter fraud while the only indictment on voter fraud has been a protege of our dear Pat's . . .