Thursday, May 24, 2007

The best defense . . .

A few days ago the editorial page of the Gaston Gazette ran an odd piece about Gaston County D.A. Locke Bell's indictment of McHenry's campaign worker for voter fraud. Withholding comment on the matter, they wrote, "The real issue is how much of... public opinion relies on thoughtful contemplation of a case that has yet to fully unfold. And as it does unfold, we’ll have more to say."

Well folks, the unfolding has begun. Today the Gazette printed four letters, presumably representing the full range of opinion in the responses they've received so far. Here are representative excerpts frome each:

1) "I’m sad to see that one of those campaign workers is being targeted by prosecutors for some kind of voter law violation."

2) "I don’t think there is anything to these charges brought against this former campaign worker."

3) "Locke Bell needs to re-examine his priorities in a major way."

4) "Gaston County does not need its own Mike Nifong."

It's unanimous! Patrick McHenry's man is above reproach and D.A. Locke Bell is a scum-sucking bottom feeder! (By the way, only one of the writers above is from McHenry's district -- but they're all in Bell's.)

Looks like the McHenry machinery is mounting a counterattack on their fellow Republican for having the audacity to follow the law -- starting with a letter-to-the-editor campaign in the prosecutor's home county. Is that classic Patrick or what?

(P.S.: Letters to the Gaston Gazette need the writer's signature, address, and daytime phone number, must be 300 words or less, and can be mailed to PO Box 1538, Gastonia NC 28053, or faxed to 704-867-5751, or emailed to