Wednesday, May 23, 2007

McHenry watchdog site removed from internet

McHenry EXPOSED, a McHenry watchdog site Pat Go Bye Bye just partnered with this week was shut down at 3 p.m. this afternoon by the host.

Click here to see the server's message.

We received this email from the site administrator:
In an apparent attempt to silence the message of Patrick McHenry Exposed, our website was disabled today around 3:00pm EST. This effort was undertaken by our host provider, AlphaOne Tech (aka 4Gays Hosting). While no further information is available at this time, we do know that someone contacted the host and made them aware of the site. This person’s complaint was that the information contained on the website was false, misleading and potentially in violation of corporate libel and slander laws. The hosting company is not providing any further details and acted only to protect their own interests - they are not the enemy.
But not to worry, Congressman:
[The site administrator is] currently working with an ally out of the country to arrange for hosting. . . . The new website will have a totally different look - not sporting the McHenry for Congress theme... at the request of my own attorney. Once back online, the United States Government will not be able to remove the site, outside of petitioning Sweden to do so (the site of our new server).
Be sure to check out this take on the situation from McHenry EXPOSED partner Interstate Q.

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