Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pat Go Bye Bye joins investigative team

A non-partisan watchdog coalition has launched a website to facilitate investigations of Congressman Patrick McHenry. So, of course, we here at Pat Go Bye Bye joined up and can't wait to get started. It's just: indicted former staff and rooomie, allegations of procuring beer for underage drinkers and the amazing stories about his campaign chair . . . where to begin?

Patrick McHenry EXPOSED was founded just this month "to hold our elected officials responsible for their own actions." Imagine that concept if it took hold. Something like democracy might really happen.

If you know of corruption or any kind of illegal activity on the part of Congressman McHenry or any of his legislative or campaign staff from even as long ago as the 2004 primary season, feel free to contact Pat Go Bye Bye or the folks at Patrick McHenry EXPOSED. And we'll get this party started . . .