Tuesday, May 29, 2007

McHenry violates Constitution by mandating religion on coins

There's so much happening right now. The Attorney General using politics to hire and fire. Immigration issues on the front burner. Should the president get a blank check to continue the unpopular war in Iraq that he lied to the American people to support in the first place? But what is Patrick McHenry up to? He's all set to violate our constitution by foisting (co-sponsoring) his version of religion on the rest of us. The method: HR 2510 which will mandate that the words "In God We Trust" appear on the face, not just the edge of every coin.

Jim at Irregular Times wrote:
While our nation sets a new record debt every day, while Americans kill and are killed in Iraq, while New Orleans still stands littered with debris from Hurricane Katrina, while Americans go bankrupt because they can’t afford medical care, Virgil Goode and 88 other members of the House of Representatives are getting busy. Unfortunately, they’re not getting busy solving these problems. They’re getting busy using the machinery of government to impose religious mandates.
Fellow North Carolinians Walter Jones and Sue Myrick join 85 other Republicans in wasting our time and violating the Constitution.
These members of Congress have not only missed their lessons about the Constitution, which prohibits the use of government to establish religion. They’ve also wasted their time solving non-existent problems with coin edges and missed a chance to address actual problems facing the nation.
Aren't you glad they're saving us from the terror of having our national motto appear on the edge of a coin, instead of the face? I feel like all those other problems will just fade away now that we've got the coin thing settled.


James Cook said...

Only makes sense that Walter Jones would be among the fools wasting their time on this legislation. After all, wasn't he one of the fools who wasted our time years back with stunts renaming food in the Capitol cafeteria? "Freedom Fries!" Oh, that really worked, didn't it?

Drama Queen said...

They all need to go, James, don't you think?

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