Sunday, May 13, 2007

Information Slowly Getting Out

The blog world is on fire with news of the indictment of the Congressman Pat's former campaign worker...newspapers and television are slowly catching on. McHenry released a statement quoted in this Hickory Daily Record article.

“Aaron is an ethical law student whom I know to be a good Christian and law-abiding citizen,” McHenry’s statement read. “It’s unfortunate that political opponents chose to target this young man in order to attack me. In the end, the facts and the law are on the side of this decent, law-abiding student, and he will be found innocent of this baseless attack.”

In the same article McHenry's former campaign manager, Jason Deans, is quoted as saying:

“This whole episode is nothing more than a shameful political witch hunt that could sully a young man’s career. The congressman’s political opponents have repeatedly distributed misleading material about these false allegations, almost perfectly synchronized with the questionable actions of the district attorney.”

The question is why weren't McHenry and Dean weren't worried about this young man's reputation when he was voting for McHenry. The issue arises in every political scandal
"what did the candidate know, and when did he know it?" Those are the questions the Congressman will be answering soon.

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