Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tony McEwen takes the chair

Former state YD president Tony McEwen defeated incumbent Chair Judy Gilbert for district chair today in Morganton.

In his speech McEwen received his most rousing applause with the words: "I have nothing bad to say about Judy Gilbert." (Okay, I realize it's pretty sappy but we Democrats struggle with a contested election and we like it to stay nice.) Tony pledged to work hard, promote unity, and he proposed an ambitious 8-point plan of action I refuse to post here because I know Republicans read this site.

He's asking for 10 hours of service for the district between now and January so expect a call and plan your excuses, I mean, clear your schedule!

Congratulations to Tony. And big hugs and thank yous to Judy Gilbert for her four years of exceptional service as chair as well as many, many years of service to the Democratic Party. She plans to devote her time to the Edwards presidential campaign and we expect we'll see hear heavily involved in other races since she has so many friends and allies in politics.

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