Thursday, May 17, 2007

McHenry's ex-roomie importing clones

Unless Michael Aaron Lay's reported indictment has slowed down his recruitment efforts, North Carolina is about to get invaded by conservative outsiders from UT.

Former McHenry staffer and roomie Michael Aaron Lay is advertising for interns at his alma mater's website. Just check out the language:
"This is not your average internship."
From living with the candidate to underage drinking parties, to a future indictment, to single-use towels, one would have to figure Lay knows the full ramifications of the phrase "not your average . . ."

The promoted internships are for the newly announced Bill Graham gubernatorial campaign.

Here's what the Associated Press wrote about Graham yesterday:
Graham had never run for elected office until now, but gained political experience and built a support base while spending more than $2 million in personal funds to bankroll a group he started called North Carolina Conservatives United.

He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on radio and television commercials in 2006, urging citizens to roll back a nearly three-cent automatic increase in the gasoline tax. He later starred in ads critical of illegal immigrants, saying they take advantage of the state's education and health care systems.
One would suppose the candidate doesn't appreciate the timing of the announcement. But I suppose no Republican these days can count on a free day to squeeze in some good news between the subpoenas, the resignations, and the sentencings.

Here's the text of the recruiting ad since the link was down last I checked:
“Bill Graham for Governor Exploratory Committee seeks paid Interns!

North Carolina republican gubernatorial campaign is seeking intelligent, motivated college students to work as field representatives during the summer of 2007 (May-August). All majors are accepted and college credit is available.

You will have the opportunity to work in a campaign that combines cutting edge technology with traditional grassroots campaigning. Forget making copies, getting coffee, and answering e-mails. You will be part of an intense ground campaign and have the chance to contribute to all sectors of the campaign. This is not your average internship.

Responsibilities will include contacting voters, organizing counties and recruiting volunteers, as well as attending events on behalf or along with the candidate. Field reps will also conduct advance preparation for events sponsored by the campaign. A stipend of $1000 will be provided per month. Lodging will also be provided in the area in which the field rep is located. For more information or to apply, please contact Aaron Lay at”
h/t North Carolina Conservative. Cross posted at Scru Hoo and BlueNC