Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pat is Proud

While North Carolina Democrats continue to deliver on promises that put working families first, Republicans pride themselves on obstructionism.

Here’s a quote from Patrick McHenry in today’s edition of The Hill:

“We shut down the House for nearly a week, forcing the Democrats to make public earmarks in the appropriation bills,” McHenry said. “This was an enormous success.”

“Shutting down the House for an entire week to make a point that Republicans will remember but the public won’t robs voters of action on issues they care about like the Iraq War, health care, education, and aid to military families,” said NCDP Chair Jerry Meek. “McHenry’s constituents ought to ask if his obstructionism serves his interests or theirs.”

Here’s where Democrats are leading the way on important issues:
  • making America safer by strengthening our borders
  • ensuring first responders have the tools they need to do their jobs
  • enhancing security at our airports, ports and mass transit facilities
  • making higher education affordable for more Americans by passing a bill that provides $17 billion in additional college aid to students - the largest increase since the G.I. bill.
  • raising the minimum wage, for the first time in a decade
  • expanding medical care for veterans
  • bridging gaps between the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs
  • and, despite the objections of McHenry and Bush, giving members of our military a 3.5 percent pay raise

Patrick McHenry sees denying America reforms such as these as his main accomplishment.

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Drama Queen said...

Welcome, Jerimee. Y'all who don't know him. Jerimee is the state party's director of internet communications.

We look forward to hearing more of what you have to say about our wonderful congressman .. . I mean congress person, I mean congresskid.