Monday, August 13, 2007

Independent Bryan Greene runs for the 10th

Here's the website, which says he's endorsed by the Constitution Party whatever that is.

Here's where he stands on the hot topics:
  • Recognize the Unborn Childs' right to life and to deem that life begins from conception.
  • Illegalize abortion of any kind, because abortion for any reason is murder.
  • Ensure the individual's right to keep and bear arms without unconstitutional governmental restrictions.
  • Enforce current border security laws and prevent the government from granting amnesty to illegal aliens.
  • Bring our troops home, and end the unconstitutionally declared war in Iraq.
  • Encourage the US to re-adopt a non-interventionalist foreign policy as the founders demanded.
  • Attempt to help lower, and eventually, entirely abolish the income, estate and gift taxes.
  • Preserve the US Citizens' right to free speech and oppose all attempts to enact hate crime bills.
This is what he wants you to know about him in his own words:
Mr. Bryan Elliot Greene was born on January 27, 1961 in Charlotte, NC and has lived in the Caldwell County area for the majority of life. After graduating from West Caldwell High School he married his high school sweetheart, Kim Susan Shew, in June of 1981. A year later in 1982, Bryan enlisted in the United States Marine Corp., were he had the pleasure of serving his nation for seven and a half years both stateside and overseas. He is also the proud father of four children; Brandon (1983), Jordon (1987), Jared (1994) and Kallie (2001).

Bryan currently works in the Engineering Department at Frye Regional Medical Center, though he can do anything from fixing a car, building a house, electrical and heating and air. Even still, Mr. Greene is a well rounded individual who understands the need for principled, constitutional representation in our government and desires to be that representation. Bryan Greene has, throughout the years, been heavily involved in leadership roles. He serves as a deacon, and choir director while teaching the combined teens and college and career sunday-school class at Temple Baptist Church in Lenoir, NC.

Maybe he'll suck some votes from Pat. If he can get on the ballot, that is.


arratik said...

Ahh, a classic constitutionalist like Ron Paul! In other words, he doesn't stand a chance.

JGreene said...
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JGreene said...

Yes, Bryan Greene holds Paleo-conservative views and believes in a strict following of the US Constitution, and does support Ron Paul for President in 2008. As mentioned above, Bryan Greene is endorsed by the Constitution Party of NC, which is the state affiliate of the nation's third largest party, and the fastest growing party of any in the nation. As does Mr. Greene, the Constitution party also believes in limited constitutional government, more information about them can be found online at Bryan Greene would be running as a Constitution Party candidate but NC’s unconstitutional ballot access laws restrict third parties in the same way that they do independent candidates, so he is running as an independent.

Mr. Greene desires to:
-Help restore our government to its limited constitutional boundaries
-Protect the life of the unborn
-Restore constitutional gun rights
-Bring our troops home as soon as possible and end this unconstitutional war
-Seek repeal of those pieces of law such as the USA Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and Real ID Act which have destroyed nearly half of American’s Bill of Rights.

For more information about Bryan Greene visit us online at or e-mail us at

For Liberty's Sake,

Jordon M. Greene

Campaign Manager
Bryan Greene 2008 CCC
C: (828) 729-4509

Caldwell Country Director
Constitution Party of NC

North Carolina State Chairman
National Traditionalist Caucus

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
-Hebrews 11:1

Drama Queen said...


Thanks for stopping by. I also post at BlueNC which is a progressive state-wide website. You might want to clarify your positions there even though most of us probably disagree.

I think we can all agree on these following:

Bring our troops home as soon as possible and end this unconstitutional war
Seek repeal of those pieces of law such as the USA Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and Real ID Act which have destroyed nearly half of American’s Bill of Rights.

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