Monday, August 27, 2007

Candlelight war vigil at Hickory 's Union Square tomorrow

From Linda Osbon:

On Tuesday, August 28, members of Political Action Hickory and surrounding communities will hold a candlelight vigil to call on Congress to vote to end the war in September.

HonorMourn“It’s time for the Bush Administration to stop looking through rose-colored glasses and realize that the surge has been a total failure,” said Linda Osbon local MoveOn member. “Rep. McHenry must Stand Up in September and vote to end this religious civil war that can’t be won,” concluded Osbon.

Participants in the vigil will read from a “War Toll Calendar” to honor and remember the soldiers that have died in the past year in the unwinnable religious civil war in Iraq.

Vigils like this one are part of national Take A Stand Day - a coordinated day of action to end the war initiated by the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq coalition, including Political Action,, the Service Employees International Union, True Majority and others.


Where: Union Square Downtown Hickory

When: Tuesday, August 28 at 7pm

What: Local residents urge Congress to vote to end the war in September and honor the soldiers who have died or been injured in the unwinnable civil war in Iraq.