Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aaron Latham: why won't you return my emails?

I trudged all the way down to Pat's DC office.

I asked nicely.

That cute Doug dude (you know the intern from Charlotte and Clemson who doesn't live in the district and never has?) told me you'd answer my question if only I'd email you instead of stand there in the office.

So I didn't make a scene. I took no video. I played really nice.

But you haven't even said "boo."

Here's the first one:

Hi Aaron,

I'd like a copy of the questions that were submitted for the virtual town hall Monday.

I have a list of the questions Congressman McHenry answered. I need the ones he didn't answer.

Here's the second one:

I know you're busy but it would only take a minute to cut and paste those questions that the Congressman didn't have time to answer on Monday night's virtual town hall.

Thank you.
You know, if you're not going to answer email inquiries from the citizen press, you shouldn't (from your tiny backroom) tell nice interns like Doug to tell people like me that you will.