Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Question for Pat: Why do you take credit for funding you voted against?

Remember folks, there are still town halls scheduled for tonight and all next week. Here is a new question to add to the list I posted on Tuesday.
Why are you taking credit for bringing funding to the district when you VOTED AGAINST the bill?
Here's what the Statesville paper had to say. Maybe you'd want to give 'em a call to correct their mistaken impression. Oh, no, I see you've already talked to them. My bad.
McHenry, whose 10th District takes in the southern portion of Iredell County, said he was glad to have a hand in the funding.

“One million dollars [for the Statesville Regional Airport] goes a long way,” he said. “It is always a great experience working with Congresswoman Foxx - and especially now because Statesville will see the results of our concerted effort."
Thanks to Donna Roulic for this wonderful question. She writes that the bill also:
included $150,000 for the Hickory Engineering Center and $100,000 funding for the Appalachian State University at the Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute (CCC&TI) in Hudson. The CCC&TI funding provides training for local teachers as well as undergraduate education degrees.