Sunday, August 12, 2007

Want to support the troops? This is an easy way:

Local Democrats looking for some way to give back? Check out Give2thetroops dot org

The NCDP organized an event at the local chapter in Greenville, NC. Here's the coverage. If this doesn't inspire you to help, nothing will.
Participating in a service project in support of troops in Iraq is as good a cause as any, Meek said."It's the least we can do, given the sacrifices troops are making under very difficult circumstances," he said.

The Democrats visited six other eastern cities Friday and Saturday: Clinton, Lumberton, Sampson, Windsor, Conway and Ahoskie. They engaged in community service activities, door-to-door activism and voter registration, Meek said. Today, the group will stop in Winfall and Elizabeth City.

Though Pitt County is considered a Democratic stronghold, it helps to rally more support here for an increase in voter turnout, Meek said.

"It (the tour) will help to the extent we can come in and motivate people in the statewide election in 2008," he said. "We want voters to know we're not just here at election time."
The Democrats went to work making greeting cards, sorting books and inserting toiletries, recreational items, snacks and items specially requested by troops. Special inserts might include tactical sunglasses or multipurpose wristwatches that give temperature readings, Whitehead said.

Many of the troop letters come from Fort Bragg, she said. Overall, Give2TheTroops sends about 400 packages to soldiers each month. Packages can take anywhere from three days to several weeks to be delivered depending on the person's location in Iraq.

The most important part of the package is the thank you card, Whitehead said.

"It's what let's them know we appreciate their sacrifice and bravery," she said.

. . .

Daniel Spuller, treasurer of Young Democrats of North Carolina, picked out a photo of a green frog dressed in a pink dress for the front of the card.

His support comes because he cares and wants to show the party cares about the troops and military families, he said.

Being against the war doesn't conflict with him standing by the military, Spuller said.

"Whether you agree or disagree with the war, it's an issue that hits close to home for us," he said. "I just lost a friend who was killed in action."

Whitehead had no qualms welcoming a party in which opposition to the Iraq war is growing.

"No matter the party, I love it (group volunteering)," Whitehead said.

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