Monday, July 16, 2007


CNN will host the next Democratic Presidential Debate on July 23rd. The network is urging viewers to submit video questions via YouTube. A blogger for Slate Magazine is blasting CNN for ruining the best part of the YouTube experience...the freedom of expression. Most YouTube videos gain their popularity by popular vote, but the debate questions will be screened by the CNN producers. The Slate blogger argues that the debate would be better if the videos were taken as a whole and not filtered. Question...would you rather see a debate (like we usually do) where the questions are pretty well known and rehearsed in advance or one where the public can introduce new and different topics (with the fear that the questions will turn into a series of questions about which only 3 people in this country care about the answer)? Is there a better option in the middle?


Drama Queen said...

I'd read somewhere that YouTube ditched the voter think not long ago because all the videos blasting Republicans were getting way too many votes. And that they were going on an "editor's pick" format so that YouTube was no longer able to be viral.

Now, I'll have to go find the link. But not now!

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