Friday, July 20, 2007

Meet the Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation is doing all they can to make the public information about our Congressmen available to us in formats we can use.

Check 'em out.
and bookmark 'em or sign up for their ethics blog or press releases.

I found out about 'em as I researched Patrick McHenry and earmarks. They are all over earmark reform (real reform, not Patty's version). They have some cool interactive maps showing where all the earmarks are going (sometimes the congressman of the location receiving the earmark is not the congressman who asked for it. The foundation has an ongoing project (in conjunction with many other great organizations where they list the earmarks and are asking for volunteers to call their congressman and ask if specific earmark requests came from his/her office.

But there's lots of other cool stuff on the site. They have a wonderful page called Insanely Useful Websites, where you can find all that's available on any Congressman or woman.

If you want to know what's really going on, bypass the media and use the Sunlight Foundation to guide you to the facts.

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