Monday, July 30, 2007

7:30 tonight it's Pat's internet "town hall"

7:30 is post time

Syntax just posted this at BlueNC

The virtual townhall is being hosted by a company called Meet With Congress. If you visit the main page, you'll see the following price schedule for their services:


* $899 per month with contract until 12/31/07
*Includes unlimited use of 100 seats simultaneously
* $1,199 per month with a month-to-month contract
* Includes unlimited use of 100 seats simultaneously
* $.10 per person/per minute over 100 filled seats.


* $0.16 per minute per person

Optional Webcam and Microphone: $50

I'm guessing that since this is "unprecedented", McHenry is just putting his, um, toes in the water to test it out and is going with the $0.16/minute/person rate. It may not seem like much $$$ at first, but if 100 people stay for an hour, that works out to $960. Doesn't that just want to make you get all of those old computers in your basement working again and connected to your router? :)

I hope someone can liveblog or even Screencast this...

I ditto his request. It seems many Hooligans have previous obligations, as do quite a few folks at BlueNC. I'm going to try to get there but it's quite likely I won't. So, I'm hoping we'll be able to see the town hall after it's gone up or someone can record it for us ?????

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