Sunday, July 29, 2007

Questions for Pat

Here's some submissions for McHenry's Monday night internet "town hall":

Are the telephonic and internet town halls intended as a substitute for live town halls in each county?

Why did you obstruct the military appropriations bill for the cause of transparency in Democratic earmarks then refuse to divulge your own (Republican) earmark for (heavily Republican) Mitchell County (an agricultural-related earmark that other North Carolina counties would have liked to have applied for)?

Since, by international law, the US is responsible for civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, could you please publish a count and list of names of the dead and wounded from those countries?

Why has your campaign spokesman trivialized the indictment of your staffer and roommate? Do you not take voter fraud seriously? Which laws are important to you? Are you in any way tied to any other ongoing voter fraud investigations.

Will you vote to withdraw the troops from Iraq as soon as possible? If not, why?

Could you tell me how many credit unions have privatized since your bill to make it easier for them to do so? And how much in profits have their managers realized from those privatizations?

Why kind of pressures were you under before Republicans lost their majority that made you say that it was a relief to be in the minority?

What questions do you have?