Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McHenry calls Democrats "burdened by their gluttony"

On Go Blue Ridge dot net Laruen Ohnesorge writes:
Through an article in yesterday’s Washington Times, Avery County Representative Patrick McHenry predicted an impending government shutdown.
However, I did a search of the Washington Times and found no mention of McHenry. Just in case, I checked the Post and nothing there either. But perhaps it's not in an online version.
McHenry wrote that in 1995, a “newly anointed Congressional majority seeking to assert its power… had a head-on collision with a president in desperate search for political relevance after a crushing electoral defeat.” The result? According to McHenry, the outcome was a government shutdown. Twelve years later, McHenry sees parallels, saying President George W. Bush has drawn a “line in the sand,” promising to veto any spending bill that exceeds his administration’s request. Bush has been using what McHenry calls “the veto pen,” and according to McHenry, Democrats, who know he will use the pen, send him legislation anyway, including a timeline for leaving Iraq. McHenry called last November’s election results “a clear mandate… against wasteful spending in Washington,” and concludes by saying a repeat of 1995 could be what Republicans need to “ensure voters understand we heard them loud and clear.”

“It appears likely the Democrats,” he wrote, “… burdened by their gluttony- will hand Republicans that opportunity.”
Yeah, right. Burdened by gluttony. How can that be? This is the most obstructionist minority in history. So what is this gluttony the Democrats have, Pat? Certainly not the gluttony to pay 14 billion dollars a month for a war Americans never needed. Certainly not the gluttony to amass a 1.4-million-dollar war chest to run against someone who raised only 20 thousand? What's all this about gluttony, Pat?

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