Monday, April 16, 2007

Lil Pat has no influence with his own Prez

Check out this Hickory Record piece on some Bush-proposed cuts:
Dalco Nonwovens is a start-up company that cranked up production in 2004. Without nearly $200,000 in CDBG money, co-owner Joy Evans says the company might never have been.

“It’s really frightening, starting a business in this county with everything going overseas,” Evans said. “There is not a lot of incentive to start your own business, with start-up costs and all.

“This money gave us the courage to move forward.”
Federal budget cuts could put the breaks on other entrepreneurs wanting to do business in the county. Current funding provides $3.7 billion nationwide for the CDBG program. The proposed upcoming federal budget cuts that figure to about $3 billion, a $700 million reduction, according to Aaron Latham, spokesman for Congressman Patrick McHenry’s office.
So he knows about it and has no power to stop it. Mmmmmm. And this is the guy that spends all his time blaming Nancy Pelosi for everything wrong with the world. Could it be the problem is you, Pat?And why do you do all their dirty work for them, putting yourself out there so that the entire county thinks you're an ass. But then, when you need their help, they dump on you.

Here's more:
“It (cuts) would be the single greatest blow in the economic region in the past 25 years,” Duncan said. “I’m all about supporting our military, but I don’t want to see our CDBG funds to build infrastructure here used to build infrastructure in Iraq.”

In Conover alone, more than $8 million in CDBG funds were allocated for business and residential development over the past 27 years. Almost $20 million in private investment was generated for the projects. As many as 188 jobs were created by CDBG grant money in six Conover industries alone, including Dalco.

Also at stake in Conover is the refurbishing of five houses on Nosey Street, while adding sidewalks and improving storm water drainage. The CDBG grant application is for $847,000. The city will contribute $40,000 to the project.

Evans is grateful for the money her company received.
“It certainly gave us a sense of support from our town and community,” she said. “Every dollar means a lot.”


The CDBG program began in 1974, and provides annual grants to local governments and states to provide housing and expand economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate-income families. The program is also designed to create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses.

President Bush’s proposal calls for a $700 million cut to the $3.7 million [either this is billion or above it's million] program, according to Aaron Latham, spokesman for Congressman Patrick McHenry.

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JessieW said...

Thanks for keeping up on this. We need to know what he's doing and not doing. The local papers are almost always simply printing his press releases. Good work!