Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pat Paints a Picture of Posies

Patrick McHenry just returned from a Congressional trip to Afghanistan where he toured the area and assessed the progress of our ongoing military efforts in that country. In one news account McHenry painted a pretty picture of what is happening in Afghanistan. He told the Hickory Record "So much attention has been focused on Iraq that Afghanistan has been ignored." Too bad he was referring to press attention and not realizing he had just described the Bush Administration's policy on the wars.

McHenry went on to talk about all of the improvements that had been made and how he wishes more attention would be paid to them. Again, if only we had concentrated on the Afghan mission that really hampered Al-Quaeda instead of invading Iraq, then what could we have already accomplished there?


Drama Queen said...

Hey, girl, did you think of posting this at BlueNC? Good job.

micandacam said...

Thanks. I love how Administration apologists want us to believe that everything is going fine everywhere!!