Friday, April 27, 2007

Best debate coverage: Drama

And the winner is:

The blogger known as "lcloud," who posted this analysis at her homeblog, Maia Pinion, but it originated as a comment on BlueNC.

She called the debate
psycho drama more than anything else. It certainly wasn't 'debate' by any stretch of the imagination. Each candidate had roles to play.
Here are the highlights:
Gravel spewed out our anger, bellowing fury over the last 6 years of inept government, and in particular the last 5 years of improper, mishandled war . . ."

Kucinich . . . represented conscience, believing that all would be well if we just followed the Constitution, played nice, and ate our veggies . . .

Richardson reminded me of our teenage selves - desperate to be heard, and to make a point, and to score points. (. . . I thought maybe it wasn't him, and that they had already gotten Horatio Sanz to play him.)

Edwards represented the part of the self/society that doesn't always stand out, doesn't always make noise, but usually knows what's right, and does what's right, not because it will be noticed, but because it's right.

Dodd represented the middle manager in all of us that believes we could do a better job than the boss, if we'd only get a chance.

Biden, ah Biden. He is the showman, the ultimate politician. Is that good or bad? Only your subconscious knows for sure.

Obama is the part of us who looks for a better way. We all do, because hell, we've all got a little Gravel in us.

Clinton represented the smart kid; the one who has always gotten straight A's, without studying. She's memorized most of the answers already, so she's pretty sure she can ace this test, too.

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