Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Notes from the Cleveland County Convention

County conventions from across the state wrapped up over the weekend. In Cleveland County we have a new chair for the first time in 9 years. Chair, Betsy Wells, decided to give up her office so that she can travel around the state and country helping the Edwards for President Campaign. I know the Cleveland County party will miss her undying dedication and hard work, but she has new opportunites waiting for her. We love you, Betsy!!

We were all very sad about the retirement of dynamo Chair Wells, but we have a great new team coming in. New officers are as follows: Jennifer Helton, Chair; Dustin Bridges, 1st Vice Chair; Curtis Pressley, 2nd Vice Chair; Caroline Dedmon, 3rd Vice Chair; Betty Carrigan, Secretary; and Connie Savell, Treasurer.

One of the exciting things about our new officers is that we have Young Dems in the Chair and 1st Vice Chair seats. It will be great to see what kind of energy and enthusiasm they can infuse into the party. I know they will hit the ground running and have a great program in place for the next cycle. Cleveland did great in 2006, but we still have seats to pick up!!!

Rep. Bob England addressed the crowd gathered, and talked about the Democratic Agenda in the General Assembly. Of course, Rep. England also congratulated the party on the 2006 successes. Keep up the good work, Rep. England.


Drama Queen said...

What did Rep England say about the goings-on in Raleigh?

LeslieB said...

Love the Betsy pic. It's way cute.

micandacam said...

The arm around Betsy's neck is none other than the NCDP's very own Western Political Director!!

I wish I would have asked Rep England about the mental health situation, but he had to get on down the road.

Anonymous said...