Thursday, April 19, 2007

McHenry all set to attack Iran

Insists we wait until 2008 to evaluate surge in Iraq

McHenry told Hardball's Chris Matthews today that he supports a military strike in Iran "to eliminate their nuclear capability."

Matthews confirmed with this question: "You believe the possession of a nuclear weapon is itself justification for a US air attack?" McHenry replied, "I believe so."

Here's the video (excuse the quality). If you listen past the McHenry comments you can hear some sanity from Alabama's Representative Artur Davis, who spoke last month at North Carolina's YD convention in Greensboro.

Earlier in the MSNBC interview Matthews asked McHenry, "When can we ask ourselves if this surge is working." Pat insisted that this "new plan is taking hold." Then he named 2008 as the time to do any evaluation. Here's that video:

Again, stay tuned after McHenry's comments to here Rep. Artur Davis speak rationally about our prospects in Iraq. Davis said,
"This world is full of tragedy and suffering. Our military and our power can't always turn around tragedy and suffering. We're learning the limits of our power in Iraq and a wiser president would understand that and would take this vast number of troops out of harm's way."

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micandacam said...

It must be nice to live in a fantasy world. That is the only way I can believe he truly supports ANOTHER war.

Drama Queen said...

I think there should be some DMS listing for "drunk with power." But since most institutions that would conduct research of such a diagnosis are led by people drunk with power (DWP), we'll probably never know what causes it and how to stop it.

What I do know is that the DWP, are not capable of being useful members of society. And until we get rid of this fine example, neither Republican nor Democrat (nor unaffiliated) from the 10th district will have representation in Congress.