Monday, March 19, 2007

Spruce Pine IS a screwed up place

Last week, Spruce Pine Ingles Customer Service Manager Teddy Willis told yours truly that the decision to keep the movie, Borat, from its video rental department was "probably" a decision from corporate. But, gee, golly, I just found out that, oh no, it wasn't.

The Newland Ingles, just one county away (a county even more Republican than Spruce Pine's Mitchell), has twenty copies and they are renting like proverbial hotcakes. According to the the Newland Ingles video counter employee, no one has complained. So, when the Spruce Pine Ingles manager decided not to provide the movie for its customers, it makes me wonder why.

If you've followed my previous posts on this subject, you know that in Spruce Pine I originally tried to rent Borat. I was told Ingles didn't carry it because it was too controversial).

When I returned the substitute movie, Babel, I sought out a manager to let them know that Babel had showed a masturbating, murdering child and that they may want to develop a little consistency in the censorship department. That's when Teddy told me that the decision was "probably" a corporate one. I've been too busy during business hours to call Ingles corporate headquarters but I did some shopping this evening at the Newland branch, only to discover that Mr. Teddy was shockingly mistaken.

So, what the hell could be so "controversial" about Borat? Naked men wrestling? Or is it that scene in a Virginia rodeo when Borat lets everyone know what the world thinks of America's so-called "War on Terror?"

Did Teddy deliberately lie about it? I don't know. I can only report that as I questioned him about it, his eyes never met mine.

I haven't had the chance to call Ingles corporate headquarters or touch base with dear Teddy, I can't wait to have a chat with official spokespeople for both entities. The Newland folk hadn't heard anything about Ingles putting the nix on the silly but fascinating movie. So, gee, Teddy "probably" made some kind of mistake when talking to me.

What do you think he'll say when I ask the Spruce Pine manager about his decision to censor Borat but make money off of Babel?


Bill In Asheville said...

Oh, I think Mr. Teddy lied to you.

Drama Queen said...

A customer service representative for a respected grocery store chain? Say it ain't so!

Bob said...

Actually, I know Teddy quite well, so I asked him. He remembers this conversation, and he doesn't really know why it isn't there, and doesn't really have time to find out. Quite frankly, it just isn't on his radar, and I understand why.
Using Teddy as a example of the ignorance or backwardness of Spruce Pine (neither of which I agree with, by the way) is ridiculous. Everyone is Spruce Pine knows Teddy as an intelligent, friendly, helpful guy. Attacking him in such a way only makes you look like an idiot. And he's smart enough not to take on an issue that his regulars really don't care about that has no benefit for him.

Drama Queen said...

When I'm next in Spruce Pine, I plan to give Teddy the chance to reply. I really wish he'd referred me to someone who knew the answer my question when I asked it the first time. He wasn't busy.

I guess you can't tell that I'm having some fun with this . . . It's just example of how someone can take on causes in their lives on a small scale.

PS Something is definitely wrong is Spruce Pine. I just don't know what it is . . .

Bob said...

Sure, I can tell you are having fun with it. At the expense of another who had no idea that you were doing it until I told him. Doesn't sound very "progressive" to me.

You are also trying to score points with this online community. Don't kid yourself about your motivations.

I'm glad you are going to give him a fair chance to respond.

I agree that Spruce Pine is far from perfect. But it isn't some kind of backwards "Deliverance" atmosphere either.

In any case, it is up to you. Say/think/do what you want, as is your right. Thanks for allowing me to respond.

Drama Queen said...

Bob, I think you're forgetting that this gentleman is the customer service manager.

But you're entitled to your opinions. I hope you visit and comment as often as you like.

Thanks for making the effort to voice your opinion.

l WISEMAN l said...

Go 2 Flick Video and c if they hav it ! :)