Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tune in, turn on, strategize

If you were the Democratic Party, eager to win back the White House, where would you aim your expenditures of time and money? Does it make sense to write off an entire region of the country – OUR region?

That’s the topic of a debate that will air Sunday at 7 p.m. on Winston-Salem’s NPR affiliate, WFDD 88.5 FM. Tune in or jump online and get the live streaming audio of the 90-minute debate at

Crux of the arguments:

Tom Schaller, author of the book Whistling Past Dixie, argues that in the past several cycles, expenditures in the South have not paid off – notably Kerry in VA and TN and Gore in WV and TN. Focusing entirely on other regions, especially the West, is a winning strategy.

Bob Moser, writer for The Nation magazine and author of its article “The Way Down South,” argues that the Democratic Party is being transformed and reconfigured in the South and we are making progress; Howard Dean’s organizational model is paying off, as proven by our U.S. Senate win in Virginia.

Delmas Parker, NCDP Second Vice-Chair, (pictured with NCDP Chair Jerry Meek) argues that we are seriously cracking the nut right here in NC. We’ve reorganized and energized the Party and our victories in Republican Western NC in ’06 are a harbinger of success.

Read how events conspired through BlueNC to set up the debate


Drama Queen said...

We don't know why yet but the debate failed to air at 7. (Perhaps rescheduled because of the basketball game.) The station's website gave no explanation.

Ed Cone has reported that the radio station will post the debate for downloading or listening when you want. PGBB will post that information when it becomes available.

micandacam said...

The 50 state strategy works really well when you are talking about races other than presidential. Voters are very regionally centered and like politicians from their area. When you bring in a national race (President being the only one) the stategy has to be based on the regional strengths of that ticket.

Anonymous said...