Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let's keep our issues in the spotlight

In every community, we need to constantly be putting out our Democratic message.

If we want to win elections, Democrats need to write letters to the editor, post on blogs, call radio talk shows, speak at meetings, speak to our neighbors, refresh our bumper stickers, speak up every chance we get. It’s free. It’s easy. And if we don’t do it, we lose the war of words.

Republicans own all the major media outlets. But they don’t have the majority and they don’t have common sense on their side. We can totally sway public opinion, but we can’t do it without communicating publicly and repeatedly to our potential voters. It doesn’t take lots of words, just a few of the right ones.

On gas prices: Skyrocketing gas prices – what should we expect with an oilman as President?

On veterans: Supporting our troops means providing body armor and appropriate medical care. Not making up reasons to go to war.

On the CIA leak scandal:
When will Bush put national security ahead of smear tactics and politics as usual?

For a letter to the editor, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or do a ton or research. The national party has a research tool that allows you to compose and send a well-reasoned letter in no time. Click through the various current topics, pick a few key facts, add a personal comment or two, and you’re done. Click on this link to the letter-builder.

Let us know when your letter appears and we’ll report on it right here on Pat Go ByeBye.


micandacam said...

We also need to make sure we have a constant message when it comes to McHenry...he is just an annoying mouthpiece for the failed policies of a failing administration. He needs to leave Washington with the rest of the Bush followers.

Tom said...

I write semi-regularly to the Hickory Daily Liar, and the right-wing noise machine usually tries to rebut me in the next round of letters. Thank you for this inspiration. I will try to refute them back in the future, as well as writing more frequently to the Lenoir News-Topic.

Anonymous said...