Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Old news . . . new location

Most of what I am going to say about Representative Pat is old news, but I think it is important to get it all out in this forum.

McHenry has been groomed for some time as the golden boy of the Republican Party. Why? So he can do all of their dirty work. The GOP sees the 10th District as being absolutely safe. If they do not have to worry about losing the seat the GOP can use McHenry to be their attack dog. Cases in point:

1. McHenry was the rep for the party during the Foley scandal. McHenry was given the strange and unrewarding job of telling the entire country that it was the Democrats fault that Mark Foley was chasing pages around the office.

2. McHenry can introduce (with a straight face) the minority bill of rights to protect the new Republican majority. When asked why this is appropriate now and not when the Dems were in the minority he can answer "Look, I'm a junior member," young McHenry protested. "I'm not beholden to what former congresses did." (Source: Washington Post, Jan 4, 2007, Column by Dana Milbank)

3. McHenry can run around screaming about the Speaker's airplane while the rest of Congress gets down to some real work.

This is what we have representing us in the 10th District. This is why we have to work hard to make a change.


Drama Queen said...

Here's the Crooks and Liars video of McHenry on Hardball doing the pitbull act, trying to blame Democrats for Foley.

And here's dear Pat in Congress spewing his bushbot routine over Pelosi's need for a larger plane (because she lived farther away than Hastert).

Drama Queen said...

Hey mica, your post put us over the top for having a page of all posts to click on! Look how far we've come in a week.

When others join in, we will have fond memories of having the blog to ourselves for hours (and days) at a time.

B. Muse said...

Great post summing up Patty McLapDog's accomplishments. He is such a little dweeb.