Friday, February 23, 2007

Looking for a logo, and we've got a good start

To the left, you'll find Pat go bye-bye's first artistic contribution. And may I say it's a fine one, from AsheVillein at BlueNC. Of course, it doesn't quite go with our color scheme (which is based on our wonderful representative's rumored sexual orientation.)

Below, you'll find some calls for minor assistance for Pat go bye-bye, and for several other projects we have in mind for this site and other North Carolina political projects. If you can help us, leave a comment. Once I figure out how to post an email address, you can contact us that way.

CALL FOR GRAPHIC ARTIST/PHOTOSHOP WIZARD: Pat Go Bye bye is looking for a logo, something with Pat McHenry's inflated head getting the boot, perhaps? I guess a donkey doing the kicking is called for but not mandatory.

CALL FOR TECHNICAL HELP: Nothing too major. We need a calendar for Pat Go Bye-Bye. We could just enter items as a new list along the side from soonest to farthest. But, it would be nice if people could click on the feature and enter their own items. Maybe that's not possible unless they are registered to post? It's a blogspot website.

CALL FOR NC LINKS: Let us know if you want the site to link to your blog or website.

CALL FOR UNRELATED LOGO/DESIGN: Also needed, a logo that would illustrate a series of on-line articles about political women from WNC. The title, "Women of the West." So it would have a cowboy theme (or not.) The first of the series will feature five women from all over WNC but future articles will probably be about clusters of 3 or 4 women from Watauga and Buncombe.

CALL FOR LIDDY DOLE PHOTOSHOPPED SILLINESS: She's never in North Carolina. She's travelled her fewer times than Hillary goes to New York. She's documented as putting her husband's future career ahead of the safety of our blood supply as head of the Red Cross in the 90s. She's catering to an Air Force plan to put Admiral's comfort ahead of pilot safety (and the fate of zillions of migrating birds and local farmers). And then there's the hair. What's there not to satire?

[This was cross-posted yesterday in slightly different form at Scrutiny Hooligans and BlueNC.]

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I have some ideas . . . I'll email you.