Monday, February 26, 2007

The hits keep on comin'

Another contender for our banner. This one is from the AsheVillein.

Maybe we need to rotate. These are all so good.


Mark Hufford said...

That is totally hilarious. I hope androgynous Pat is strapped in, 'cause he's in for the ride of his life.

Drama Queen said...

Everyone needs to go over to my post at BlueNC where there are several amazing graphics submitted near the end of the comments. Of course, you could wait until they appear here. I am sure to use them in the future when and where appropriate!

JessieW said...

If I wanted to submit an article, not just a comment, how could I do that?

Also, are you wanting to cover county commissioner races or just the NC house and senate and above?

Drama Queen said...

Right now I've got writers from every county. I don't want toooo many. But, if they can't find the time to post at least once or twice a month, I'll definitely be looking for more.

Thanks for your interest. I'll contact you. For now, a contributor can either send me a post or post it in the comments section.