Thursday, February 22, 2007

Be on the lookout for

Thank you so much for starting a blog for our district. We really need an outlet to reach the Dems that are looking for an opportunity to engage. I hope that people all over the district will join us. We have some big goals in 2008, and I am ready to get started.

McHenry has had his chance to show us what he can do, and so far I am unimpressed. It is with great anticipation that I look all around me for someone new to fill that role. Everyday I make a mental list of those people I know who might be willing and able to make a real run at the 10th District seat. It is not enough for us to think they are a great candidate, they also have to want it. So far, that person has not presented her/himself. I hope that with this blog we can get people all over the district talking and coming up with potential candidates...not only for congress, but for all offices.

People all over the state have said for a long time that the western part of North Carolina will never be Democratic again. Obviously, that cannot be true...look at what the 11th District has done...elected Democrat Heath Shuler. And Watauga County has become almost entirely Democratic. There are people left in the west who want to see the R's lose their power and we can work together to make a change.

Welcome, everyone, to the only blog representing the 10th District.


Drama Queen said...

Hurray! It worked. Now, we're really a "team."

Thanks for joining, micandacam. Now, I'm hoping we can critique media reports that seem one-sided. Or do some research on these people.

Who knows what we will get up to!

Mark Hufford said...

Micandacam, you rock. Thanks for the good overview.

As we've seen in so many counties in the West, it is totally possible for Democrats to win, even when we're outnumbered by Repugs. It helps to have great candidates, but it's also about every precinct organization creating a direct relationship with every Democratic and Unaffiliated voter (through phone calls, local events, mailings, and knocks on the door).

You mentioned Watauga. As you know, we're outnumbered by Republicans there, but Democrats now hold a 5-0 majority of the county commission and Watauga Democrats just elected a state rep, a state senator, and also ousted an incumbent Republican sheriff. Success in these areas hinges on thorough direct voter contact.

Anyway, thanks for joining in with great insight!!

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