Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Patty's friends admit to stirring up terror fears to win elections

Thanks to the NCDP's Jerimee Richir, we now know what McHorny and his friends plan for the next decade or two: using fear of terrorism like Reagan used communism.

For all the details read Jerimee's review of the Civitas luncheon discussion with McHorny's close ally and Dole strategist Tom Fetzer.

Here's the lowlight:
Fetzer: This isn't like what we did with Reagan. Since we don't have anti-communism to unite the Republican party anymore we'll have to find new issues to agitate our political base.

An audience member then suggested, why don't we just replace fear of communism with fear of terrorism?

Fetzer: Yes, that's the plan.
On health care:
Hawke moved to the next slide which illustrated the point that many North Carolinians don't think that the government should pay for everything for everybody. Apparently not satisified with that simple point, Hawke volunteered that he personally didn't think that he should have to pay any taxes at all.

Martin started to talk but Fetzer interupted: Voters don't understand health care, they aren't intelligent enough to understand it, and that helps the Democrats.
Keep up your alliance, Patty, with these bozos. And start thinking of what you can do for income once you're political career is in the toilet. Oh, that's right. You're a realtor. And you've made a million bucks on real estate since you got elected to Congress (without even a phone number for your so-called realty bidness). So I guess you'll land on your feet in November when Daniel Johnson beats your sorry ass.


William said...

Hey! I have just two words for "MR. Tom Fetzer"..........

Brady Anderson (yeap, a baseball player)......

No wonder Tom did not run for US Senate.

Pat's got some really good friends.

Drama Queen said...

william, what are you implying exactly?

Gordon Smith said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gordon Smith said...


The link takes one to Scrutiny Hooligans and some lovely photos.

Maybe you'll cross post this there?

Gordon Smith said...


The link takes one to Scrutiny Hooligans and some lovely photos.

Maybe you'll cross post this there?

Drama Queen said...

Gordon, thanks for the info. I fixed that link.

And I started to remove two duplicate posts but since it says I removed the post, I decided to leave the other duplicate so no one thinks I'm removing anything that was more than a posting error . . .

William D. Lindsey said...

Wow, Tom Fetzer really keeps some stellar company, doesn't he? I love this picture of him arm in arm with Ken Starr:

Good old Catholic values, trying to summon up some demon folks can vent their hatred on. It's not enough, is it, that we have war, violence, poverty, disease to combat? Let's invent some imaginary phantoms to get people really exercised!

kevio said...







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