Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey Pat, what exactly are you doing instead of debating Sigmon?

Running scared, methinks.

I saw this written by your beard girlfriend Lisa, at CharO:
McHenry declines to attend debate

Rep. Patrick McHenry says he won't attend a debate set up by Catawba County GOP leaders because of his schedule.

The Cherryville Republican says he'll continue to work with 10th Congressional District officials to set up a debate with his primary challenger, Lance Sigmon, an attorney from Newton.

"Congressman McHenry was not notified or consulted in any way before this was publicized," spokesman Wes Climer said. He declined to say where McHenry intended to be March 18.

Catawba County GOP Chairman Chip Canupp said the event, announced Friday, was scheduled after McHenry and Sigmon expressed an interest in debating. -- lisa zagaroli

Bu you know and we know that you have nothing in Congress that day. (Duh, that's why the organizers scheduled the debate then, bozo). So, what's up Pat? Don't bang the door on your way out, okay?


jeff lominac said...

The Catawba County GOP set up a debate with out asking anybody with McHenrey if the debate date was ok. If Mr. McHenrey is not in congress that day, that does not mean that he does not have something else scheduled. Evan though some leaders of the Catawba County GOP help run and schedule Mr. McHenrey's opponent's campaign, they do not run and schedule Mr. McHenrey's day to day activities.

Drama Queen said...

Well, Mr. Lominac, Chair of the North Carolina Chistian Coalition, welcome to the site.

As I said already: what does Patty have scheduled that is more important than speaking before voters with another candidate?

I think voters and potential donors deserve to know what he thinks is more important and/or why he is trying to hide from them.

Mary said...


I thought Patrick would debate anywhere. That is what he said.

What is he doing then?

One other thing, you could learn to spell his name correctly since you are defending him.

Chair of the Christian Coalition, I thought you are not supposed to endorse anyone.

Watch out Jeff. You are on thin ice.

Drama Queen said...

Mary, it's my understanding that the last Christian Coalition Chair was replaced because he didn't endorse McHenry.

Interesting, eh? I wonder why the NC Christian Coalition is so fixated on one particular district.

joyfulrunner said...

I know most (probably all) of the Catawba GOP leaders, and none of them are "running or scheduling" for McHenry's opponent. I'm sure some of them know Sigmon personally - he did grow up in the area, but the party leaders have been very careful about not helping or endorsing either McHenry or Sigmon.

I would just like McHenry to tell what else he has scheduled that day. Only someone with something to hide would be so evasive. But that's typical of McHenry - he never answers a direct question anyway!

I also would like to know why Catawba County is not a proper venue? I'm not 100% sure of the voter statistics, but we are the largest county in the District, so I would assume have the largest number of Republicans to come out to watch. Is he afraid to come here?

Love the site Drama Queen - I've been a long-time fan, but just now felt the need to actually post! Keep up the good work - we all want Patty to go "bye bye"

Drama Queen said...

Welcome, mary and joyful runner. Thanks for coming by and speaking up.

I don't know why newspapers haven't pushed for an answer. But if residents write their local papers with these (and other questions), they are very likely to print them!

We might not be able to get our local newspapers to hold McHenry accountable for his lies and evasions but we can try.

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