Thursday, February 7, 2008

FEC fines Huffman over 2004 campaign, now it's McHenry's turn

CharO reports that 2004 Republican candidate for NC's 10th received improper loans and has been fined $30,000. They refuse to comment on any ongoing investigations but you can call them and ask if a specific person has filed a complaint. Last summer I called to ask if Huffman had filed a complaint against McHenry and I thought they acted kind of weird about it.

Too bad I didn't ask the reverse! Because it was a McHenry complaint (among others) that initiated the investigation.

McHenry, Moretz and Lyons filed the complaint against Huffman with the FEC.

The FEC ruled that Huffman effectively took an excessive contribution from Proctor by accepting the loan, because candidates were only allowed to accept $2,000 from other individuals.

Huffman and Proctor told the FEC that they reversed the transaction as soon as they learned it was illegal, about a month after Proctor gave the $100,000 to Huffman.

In addition to the civil penalty against Huffman, Proctor was ordered to pay a $19,000 fine. The FEC said he voluntarily reported the violation to the agency.

The FEC said Huffman also failed to disclose that another $100,000 he contributed to his campaign was a loan from Peoples Bank, and that he didn't report that he was using real estate as collateral on a $150,000 line of credit from Branch Banking and Trust Co.

What was pretty funny for me in the CharO piece was their quote from Wes Climer, McHenry's new and sadly inexperienced mouthpiece.

"The congressman is pleased this regrettable chapter has been closed," McHenry spokesman Wes Climer said in a statement. "Now we can all put the 2004 election behind us."

Not quite yet, Wes. What about all those Young Republicans and/or College Republicans who campaigned for you then, Pat? Weren't they 527s with whom you were knowingly illegally coordinating? And you and Jason Deans and Dee Stewart knew you were breaking the law. Of course, later they figured it out, hence this blog post but weren't you the one ultimately responsible?

And what about that loan you've never paid off?

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