Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pressure builds for Pat

If last week and the week before weren't bad enough for 10th District disgrace Pat McHenry, now a national and highly respected blogger Pam Spaulding has turned her internet attention to McHenry's involvement in the bizarrely underreported Florida murder suicide.

She's written the best overview yet and crossposted it at Americablog.

What with this last week's extreme DUI of his Deputy Field Director Brett Keeter. Then the subsequent two-week suspension without pay. But as MissM points out at BlueNC, why not wait until a verdict? Innocent until proven guilty and all that American patriotic stuff.

I wondered if a 31-year-old blows a point one three perhaps he should be fired. It's not like it's the first overindulgence of a young man, new to college or trying to recover from his first big break-up. But Robert P and lcloud at BlueNC make the find points that McHenry should be helping this guy get the therapy he needs. That we as democrats might want to practice what we preach and think in terms of rehabilitation. Good ideas, if we were dealing with people who could consider that others can change and improve. That, of course is the obvious solution. Just not likely.

Then, we have to look at the week before last, which might have led to this overindulgence of mind-altering substances in a staffer.

The week before last you learned that Pat might not live where he votes. That's potentially the fourth case voter fraud he's been tied to. And over the weekend, McHenry spokesman Aaron Latham tried to put that pesky old voter fraud/residency question to rest. Latham told the Gaston Gazette's Amanda Millard that Pat "lives in Cherryville. That's still his primary residence." But, he told her, McHenry splits his time between Cherryville and Hickory when he comes home on weekends. Boy, Pat, that's a lot of splitting. You live in DC, you split your weekend time between Cherryville and Hickory. You own the Hickory condo but your legal residence for voting is a house in Cherryville you don't own and that other people use. I wonder what the North Carolina laws regard as a legal residence. We'll have to find out.

And the one question still unanswered: how'd you get that financing for the Hickory condo. Since you're on the House banking committee, I think your banking deals (especially ones you've been trying to cover up) should be public record. After all, you were all excited about disclosing the people behind earmarks. What about disclosing the financing deal on an asset you haven't told anyone about. Because if the Hickory condo was your legal residence and as Latham told Millard, it's been this way for some time, you had plenty of time to update your bio and your website to say you live in Cherryville AND Hickory, not just Cherryville.

There are a lot of reports from the week before last that still have not been cleared up. Like Pat's involvement with recent murder victim Ralph Gonzalez of Florida and Georgia ethics issues (including ties to Jack Abramoff and vote manipulation. But the North Carolina Conservative told us that not only McHenry was also tied to Jason Drake, who police say was the shooter.

People have commented extensively on this website and elsewhere that Drake's ties to a gay porn murder in Pennsylvania have only one source. That source has a lot of people who hate him OR he's a lying, website-destroyer.

Either way, these questions are not dependent on tying Drake to other murders and the porn industry, are extremely relevant and remain unanswered:
  1. What exactly are McHenry ties to high level murdered Republican dirty tricks consultant Ralph Gonzalez and of his alleged shooter Jason Robert Drake. And why has McHenry tried to hide his political past by stating on his website and official bio that he is either a real estate broker, a small businessman or in sales.

  2. Why have the police given such premature and unprofessional comments to the media in this case?*

  3. What is going on with the traditional media’s response to this news item. Google and see for yourself. Can you imagine them ignoring the murder of two prominent young gay Democratic operatives. Of course not.

  4. Is the disinformation campaign about Drake initiated by a gay porn blogger or by McHenry's staff? The former makes not sense, the latter is sheer stupidity but IS muddying the waters somewhat. And is one more reason for questioning a traditional media's response. Who can ignore a story that includes a gay porn blogger? Come on.

  5. Why have no media outlets in the 10th Congressional District will covered, much less done any research on this story.
*The police said August 23 that the murder/suicide was the result of a lover's triangle. On August 27 they told the Orlando Sentinel:
What prompted him to go in and commit that crime remains undetermined and may never be known," Picanzo said. "We have had so many different and conflicting statements from people.
Since when do the police say the crime motive will never been known this early in an investigation? It makes no sense.


Matthew said...

The hatred spewed by some misguided people toward the blogger who is talking so much about the Jason Drake-Gonzalez-McHenry connections is a smokescreen intended to distract people. In the gay world it's all about personality politics and I note that the very same people who trash talk about Damon Kruezer have absolutely nothing of value or relevance to offer other than "Kruezer is bad".

But if you ask them in exactly what PROVEABLE WAY he's bad, or how he has ever done anything to hurt them personally to warrant such negativity, they fail to provide anything other than hearsay and ancient gossip that has no current relevance and no personal connection to them.

Keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that the owner of the gay porn escort ring charged in the Pennsylvania murder, Harlow Cuadra, has just admitted in his blog from jail that Damon K. did interview him and/or his partner on May 14th the day before their arrests for the murder. For weeks the people hating on Damon have been saying there was never any interview with them. They were wrong.

Well there you go. Kruezer is telling the truth about his interview with the accused murderers what else is he telling the truth about? I am paying very close attention to everything he says and so are a lot of other people I know.

sethj said...

I am not sure how you allowed this to happen as I am sure your cause is a good one, but you have allowed it to be hijacked by Damon Kruezer. You need to start checking IP addresses and you will see that Matthew is an alias for Damon Kruezer.Just look at the post here. What does it have to do with your cause? It has to do with a unstable internet stalker overtaking your attempts to do good with basic insanity. There are enough lies in this post alone to make the case he needs to go away from your cause before he takes it down with him.
lets list them.
1.That nothing provable has been offered about him. Quite to the contrary you were informed that all claims about him were available and verifiable. You chose to ignore that.
2. He quotes a post from a man on trial for murder. From that post he cherry picks a piece of information that he talked to one of the accused. NJ one has ever stated that he did not, what was said from the beginning was that he said he talked to one when he actually talked to the other. What he leaves out is that the post is primarily about every lie he told them and that he wrote. There were dozens in that instance alone.
3. This poster says he is following everything that Damon says.. Well he is Damon.
I will make this point one more time. Whatever your cause is you are about to hand the person you are trying to defeat a "get out of jail card" free.; It will not take whoever it is long to latch on to the fact that you have allowed your cause to be hijacked by an unstable, lying, gay porn stalker. I realize that was not your intention but your actions in so desperately wanting what he is saying to be true have opened you up to having all your good work turn into "gay porn attack full of lies against Ted" Good luck with that.

Jon said...

I just found this on Given me and prolly lots of other people a great deal to think about. Such an effort being made to stifle Kruezer by people who refuse to ID themselves or explain their interest, hmmmm....

EL MYSTERIO AND GANG TRY TO GET SEN. McCONNELL TO GO AFTER DAMON KRUEZER in latest panic attack as DK gets closer to the truth...

We think SethJ and his co-conspirator Elm are making Damon an even bigger target. There's nothing actionable by Damon in expressing his views based on his sources which he obviously has, including Harlow Cuadra who has finally admitted to the interview some of you denied ever occurred. Who knows what Harlow and Joe may have said in their letters to Damon, or what was actually sent to him on May 14th or 15th? The key to Harlow's future...or maybe Sen McConnell's future?

Damon is a published writer and author, and this the haters cannot deny.

With the Damon haters we see only "according to me's" by people who refuse to identify themselves publicly in contrast to Damon's identification which is plain to see. As to the housing issue that they keep talking about it's irrelevant to this matter. It was a negotiated settlement that resulted in many months of free rent by a housing authority with a very shaky case, so the spin SethJ is putting on it is not accurate. Damon has said his mother is living in a condo he acquired for her, and why not with all the offers he has received.

Now SethJ seeks to bring down Sen. McConnell's wrath on Damon yet Damon has only reported what's in the public record along with his informed opinion.

McConnell's DD-214 discharge papers are being retrieved from what I hear and once the truth of McConnell's departure from the service is revealed, he's going to have a lot more to worry about than Damon. Can we say "Larry Craig part 2"??

If Elm and his co-conspirator SethJ want to be taken seriously they should reveal their identities, explain what their personal stake in all of this is, and interview Damon and post it unedited on their site and the other sites they claim to be authentic and original sites.

Unless and until they do that, they come across as obsessive-compulsive haters with a hidden agenda. Likely being paid to do what they're doing against DK.

By whom is the real question.

Dane Avery said...

Congratulations Pat. You're the latest blog to succumb to that scumbag. Count the number of different aliases and compare them to the IPs. Youse guys will never learn.

Marc said...

Why don't you respond to the points made Mr. Avery? Your tactic of attacking the poster instead of answering the questions is really lame and shows the weakness of your position.

Zenoble said...

The leader of the pack against Kreuzer is called Elm, a totally credible guy in my book. Elm is now saying Damon impersonated a court officer and a private dick. Big claims and i wanna help him bring down Kreuzer.

So what court officer is that in what court? What private dick? And what about those warrants Elm has been talking about for months, when are they going to grab Kreuzer and get him off our streets? Warrants for what exactly issued from what entity?

Gotta know so i can help Elm tag and bag that damn Damien Kreuzer who's done so much wrong that im sure is criminal somehow. it must be true if Elm and Mr. Avery (who they say is actually Kreuzer's rival Mark Adams), say so, right?

Dane Avery said...

Golly i thought I was tyler. but that was yesterday.

Dane Avery said...

Some great head shots of the Luezer on troys blog for those who want to know what he looks like.

Matthew said...

Does anyone believe that piece of trash blog is run by the real Troy with actual photos of Himself?

NOT! What a shabby way to get attention for a phony hate blog not even run by who it claims to be run by. You know this but you play along, just in hopes of getting Kruezer. For shame.

Too late. Much too late. He appears to be working with someone in DC now.

Jon said...

Mr. Kruezer has posted a very revealing email from Bryan Kocis to him dated May 2006. Reading the email it's clear the two had longstanding communication and that Bryan Kocis was about to trust Kruezer with a big story.

Those who say that Kocis didn't know or like Kruezer, or that Kruezer hasn't been involved in this story for over a year, are mistaken.

PC said...

Wow... six posts from Damon, and yet he accuses others of using aliases? I'll be willing to bet they were all made from here:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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