Friday, September 7, 2007

Kruezer denounces disinformation campaign launched at this site and others

I really thought this story couldn't get any weirder. Well, it has. Apparently, we at Pat Go Bye bye have struck a nerve. A big one. At this post and this one.

And now Pat Go Bye Bye is officially the target of a McHenry-related disinformation campaign to discredit, of all people, a gay porn blogger. Damon Kruezer.

Why would McHenry's friends spend energy trying to discredit a gay porn blogger, you might ask? After all, you'd think they would be pretty busy thinking up ways to defend him from his obvious connection to a staffer guilty of voter fraud, (in an election Pat won by only 85 votes). Then there's the problem with his friend Ralph Gonzalez being murdered allegedly by his other friend Jason Drake. Let's not forget his financial disclosure debacles, and the ass he made of himself nationally over earmarks. And then this weekend his freaked-out-looking deputy field director blew a point one three.

But you know political consultants these days. I guess they just sat him down (maybe over drinks with Brett) and said something like "Hey Pat, things are bad but really you need to focus on this dude, Damon Kruezer, who interviews hot young homosexual pornographic video actors.

"Yeah, Pat, think about it. He's saying your buddy Jason Drake, now accused of a double murder, also has a connection to some other murder case in Pennsylvania no one in North Carolina has heard of.

"So here's the plan, honey child. If anyone writes about the gay porn blogger's allegations tying Florida shooter Jason to nearly-beheaded porn king Bryan Kocis, you get your buddies to comment at those blog posts in four or five other identities what a liar this Kruezer porn guy is. Then, post as the gay porn blogger himself admitting that you did it to increase web traffic to your gay porn site where people can see tons of photos of truly gorgeous young gay porn actors.

That'll really take the attention away from the story."

If I was a professional political consultant I would certainly advocate that any Congressman get his friends to impersonate gay porn bloggers to make a story go away.

So, McHenry's buds came to my site (and Scrutiny Hooligans) and call Kruezer a known liar. And, as if that wasn't enough, then they had to post at this site (twice) an apparent confession using Damon's full name.

Here's what the actual gay porn blogger, Damon Kruezer, who has been impersonated twice here has to say:
WARNING: Beware the disinformation campaign involving phony emails and posts by impersonators trying to steal my identity. Purpose of these schemers is to distract you and deflect attention away from a powerful nationally known closeted Republican politician with everything to lose if the true story of his unsavory connections comes out. This is the reason why I have received a lucrative offer for my original May 14, 2007 interview with Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes because in the interview, on tape, Harlow reveals the identity of his VIP Republican client, the man who actually funded BoyBatter in order to placate Harlow and Joe after at least 3 trysts with them and then-active duty military personnel working for them including Jason Drake. The only email I use is and I do not block my profile. This is yet another sign of just how hot this story and my documented involvement in it is getting. Critical mass this week I believe.
[Have you noticed that I keep repeated the phrase "gay porn blogger?" At first, I was a little leery of quoting from him. If you go back to the post, you'll see that mostly I quoted him on his common sense, not the most salacious allegations. But now that McHenry's buddies have come to my site impersonating him, I've decided to embrace the underbelly of American's ridiculous prudishness. Maybe I'll become a gay porn blogger myself one day. If you scroll down at his site (, there are photos and interviews with some extremely hot looking young men . . . not a bad way to make a living, eh?]

But back to Kruezer's comments. FYI: Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes are accused murderers currently involved in a preliminary hearings for the Pennsylvania murder (and near decapitation) of rival gay porn video producer Bryan Kocis. Kruezer has repeatedly asserted that Jason Drake allegedly shot Republican political operative Ralph Gonzalez in Florida last month in connection to that murder trial. Cuadra and Kerekes are reported to have lists of Republican officials who are clients to their Virginia Beach or Norfolk gay escort service.

How this convoluted story turned into motivation for a murder suicide is beyond me. What I do know is once I even hinted at the potential connection between Drake and the Kocis murder, I became the target of a series of comments attacking Kruezer's veracity.

[I'm way too lazy tonight to do links. You'll have to google this names and sort through the information on your own.]

In both Monday and Tuesday's posts, my point was that it's highly suspicious that the traditional media has basically ignored the Florida murder suicide: a sensational story that juicily combines fundamentalist Christian politicians and homosexual consultants, election software tampering and this potential tie to a gay porn-related murder in Pennsylvania. I quoted Kruezer particularly on his observations about the media and specifics of the three involved.

Someone named Marc commented at that post that Kruezer was a known liar.

And someone using the blogger identity Damon Kruezer with a blocked profile posted this:
I must admit that I made the story up... it was simply done to try and draw more viewers to my blog.

Tuesday, I wrote that McHenry had confirmed the tie to Drake to Howie Klein at Down With Tyranny and also that the tie of Drake to the Pennsylvania murders had been questioned. More comments denouncing Kruezer followed as well as another supposed denial by Kruezer himself. The impostor this time had unblocked his profile but it still had no link to the website which was the supposed reason for the supposed lies.

This was the thread where someone named Jon defended Kruezer:
Damon Kruezer is indisputably the last reporter to talk with the Pennsylvania murder defendants in a recorded 90 minute interview before their arrest the next day.

He also received letters from them.

Damon Kruezer knew and did some copy writing/editing work for Bryan Kocis, the gayporn producer and murder victim, and may have received crucial files for safekeeping on a USB key sent to him by Kocis.

Damon Kruezer talked with Grant Roy and Sean Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan extensively.

Damon Kruezer has been interviewed by at least 7 different reporters for print and broadcast media, whether they quote him directly or use his material as deep background in their reports.

And you say Kruezer isn't a credible source? How is that?


The disinformation and impersonation campaign against him proves he's on to something. Jealous queens are a dime a dozen in the gayporn industry, and Kruezer has stood the test of time.

September 6, 2007 8:41 PM
Then a blogger once again using DK's name:

I appreciate your support, but the truth is... I did lie.
There are commenters named walter, marc, wesley and Dunkin' on my posts here and at Scrutiny Hooligans.

An awful lot of work to denounce a story, don't you think? If I was predisposed to think the whole thing sensationally unbelievable before, I certainly am not now. Since I have other sources tying the Florida murder to McHenry long before I'd ever heard of Drake or Gonzalez, methinks these folks are protesting a bit too much.


walter said...

"There are commenters named walter, marc, wesley and Dunkin' on my posts here and at Scrutiny Hooligans."

I am the Walter who left comments on this blog. Someone with a newly established
Google account claiming to be Damon Kruezer left two comments on _my_ blog saying he “made up” the _possible_ Harlow Cuadra, Joseph Kerekes connection with Drake, the identified shooter in the Orlando murder-suicide case:
McHenry's buds

These posts were from an imposter with this Blogger profile number:

I _have_ expressed skepticism regarding the _alleged_ connection between the Cuadra/Kerekes case and Drake and McHenry. Apparently, this now makes me co-conspirator in a disinformation campaign.

I do no appreciate the insinuation that I’m one of McHenry's “buds.” My own (skeptical) views on this subject can be read on my blog at the link above.

I am still awaiting a reply to the email I sent to the owner of this blog on 9/6/07.

walter said...

My post above got a little garbled in the c&p transfer.

My blog is

and my comments on the Drake/McHenry "connection" can be read there.

Once again I _do not_ appreciate the insunuation that I'm one of McHenry's "buds" and that I'm involved in a disinformation campaign and I'm _still_ awating a reply to the email I sent to the owner of this blog.

You are not the only Drama Queen on the internet, dear, and I would appreciate a _public_ clairfication of this matter.

Thank You.

Drama Queen said...

Walter, I extend to you this Drama Queen's apologies. In my recent busy-ness I had forgotten that your post was not anonymous like the others.

Mea Culpa for including you in with them. I will put a strike through it right now.

And when I get a chance, I will look at the email you sent. I'm not a professional blogger and can only follow the links on so many emails. I hope to catch up this weekend with the two dozen (or more) links of potential leads people have sent me in the past week.

Skepticism is a good thing.

walter said...

Thank you for clearing this up.

There is nothing that would delight me more than seeing McHenry brought down in a gay scandal but we'd need some facts first.

Hope, as always springs eternal, and, yes, skepticism is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I guess you've noticed that Mr. Kruezer has linked to both and you me on his website.

I'm not really sure why but I'm planning to address the matter as well.

Dane Avery said...

I have posted a comment on the other site mentioned by Kruezer. Rather than clutter up this thread, which will now, no doubt, be about Kruezer's greatness, thanks to his postings under, and I don't exaggerate, a HUNDRED aliases, I suggest you visit the other blog mentioned above, which is wisely now closed for further comments.
I wish you luck with this one, which should do just fine if you wisely check IP addresses, as Kruezer always has the same dial-up one.
I will not post about him here further.

elmysterio said...

I am a member of the truth Aquad and I just wanted to let you know that Damon is using you like he has done to so many before you. he is a know liar and a plagerist and a fraud. nothing he says can be taken as the truth and we will let all who fall prey to his lies know this.

walter said...

Drama Queen has been drawn into the disinformation campaign herself.

Zenoble said...

Mr. Avery aka Kruezer's bitter rival, Mark Adams: Mr. Kruezer uses a WAN card in his laptop for his high speed internet connections. This was stated and shown on his site. Your claim about him using the same dial-up connection is therefore provably false.

Could it be you're wrong about everything else you claim to be a fact, but can't prove? Your jealousy of Kruezer is palpable.

There's more...The real Damon Kruezer was the first to reference the Selinsky case in PA, which his rivals are now talking about as if they were the first to discover this.

Relevance is to the Kocis murder case and the defendants who once employed the perp in the double Florida Republican consultant murders.

This shooter, Jason Drake is clearly connected to Rep. McHenry and according to someone who knows what Kruezer is working on now, in association with another well known blogger, to Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Something else because false accusations stated as a fact really trouble me:

Neither Mr. Kruezer nor his legal alter ego have ever been convicted of anything, sued successfully, or had any RO's taken out. Believe me I've checked very thoroughly. No record, and no warrants, insinuations or claims by the haters to the contrary.

I'm also aware that certain pornstars have used him to get back at former boyfriends or studios who treated them wrong. That doesn't make him a stalker because they invited DK to get involved and fed him info.

Even haters admit he's a very good writer. And he was the very last reporter to interview the PA murder defendants. Some of what they say in the audiotape interview and in subsequent letters is VERY major, according to whispers from those who have heard or seen portions.

The fact certain people are so clumsily trying to impersonate Kruezer or his friends on this blog and others tells us something about just how influential he really is, and how close he is to a story of national significance.

I suggest that people follow up on that point: What or who is so worried about what Kruezer has, they're mounting such a shrill and vicious disinformation campaign to try and get rid of him? If he was truly unimportant and knows nothing, why all the fuss about him?

Follow up on Kruezer's loudest naysayers and I guarantee you'll find some revelations about their actual motivations - including who's probably paying them to rant and rave about Kruezer.

Can we say "paid tools in the service of a nationally known right wing politician?"

elmysterio said...

Hey Damon this look familiar? its your IP address. I know you are trying to post your lies here but it won't work and I have let the other bloggers know this as well. Sorry for the inconvience.

sethj said...

Ok enough is enough. Can you not comprehend that Zenoble is Damon Kruezer? Do you not see that he us taking whatever credibility you have and using for his own purposes? You give him a platform at your own peril. If you believe in the validity of what you say, try for a moment and contemplate you are aiding and abetting a liar.As my late mother taught me "Tell me who you go with. and I will tell you what you are" On what planet do you allow things like "This shooter, Jason Drake is clearly connected to Rep. McHenry and according to someone who knows what Kruezer is working on now, in association with another well known blogger, to Sen. Mitch McConnell." to go unsourced? I have no brief for Mitch McConnell but if the situation turns into a question about the credibility of Damon Kruezer any points that are valid will get lost. Blogging is one thing unsubstantiated lying is another. Just look at his defense of himself. "I'm also aware that certain pornstars have used him to get back at former boyfriends or studios who treated them wrong. That doesn't make him a stalker because they invited DK to get involved and fed him info." Do you really want serious issues th get drawn into "Pornstars used him to get back at their boyfriends"? Do you not realize that if one indeed has information on Mitch McConnel it would be diverted in an instant to these are people who feed information for gay pornstars to get back at their boy friends? There are issues at stake here that demands more than Damon Kruezers whose real name is Kent Barclay’s insanity. The moment he comes up the right wingers will go right here:Southeastern Housing Court
Brockton MA
Case docket 05-SP-06084
NORWELL HOUSING AUTHORITY –V- BARCLAY. This is from last year where his 83 YO mother was thrown out of her home of 17 years a senior citizens housing complex because the unemployed Mr. Barclay lived there illegally and his actions allowed his 83 YO mother to be thrown out into the street. These are not lies, there are the court documents(available upon request). In them you will see that he forged leases and rent receipts to an address in California to claim he did not live in his mothers home and they were to a mailbox ETC type mailbox in CA. To allow issues as important as these to be hijacked by a very unstable man is beyond the pale. This is fuel that will discredit any effort to deal with these issues. The eviction proceeding is just the tio of a 10 year nightmare that you are walking in without facts. You are doing a great dis-service to whatever you are trying to accomplish.

walter said...

Like I said this is swamp and any sane person is better out of it. I've made a few posts about these two so far unrelated cases on my blog but will hold off until any REAL news developes.

Anonymous said...

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