Monday, March 3, 2008

McHenry and money: what's he trying to hide?

Thoreau at BlueNC raises some good points:
It seems like Patrick McHenry has the stereotypical edge here in the 10th District- having claimed $140,000 earned in the last quarter (according to the Charlotte Observer). In fact, he's got a huge campaign fund, which he intends to use to blast his competitors off the map... or so we'd think. Unfortunately, due to his backwards view on finance, nepotism, and the money required to hide his illegal/immoral actions, McHenry may as well have no money at all.

Patrick McHenry is a man with many things to hide- be it his blatant homosexuality (which there is apparently photographic evidence of in some Dem. hands, though apparently they're hiding it... which should NOT be happening when he has so much of his term left), his misuse of finance (such as potential abuse when he was with the College Republicans), and basic problems all over the board. The man is a walking talking slew of secrets and coverups, which allows him to operate... though very nervously.

So where is this huge amount of money from places like Time Warner, Lowes, and Wells Fargo going? Here are a few reasons why you WON'T be seeing it going to traditional campaigns:

- Patrick McHenry hires his sister as a Campaign Treasurer for $1,200 a month. To the best of our knowledge, he does nothing.
- Patrick McHenry may be bribing some Democrats to keep a certain collection of pictures secret.
- Patrick McHenry seems to be spending an inordinate amount of money (over $25,000) on retaining lawyers (Wiley Rein, LLC) for his campaign, who, quite ironically, specialize in "Election Law and Government Ethics"- and this is right after more news comes out about the elections (in which he won) being rigged. Hmm...
- McHenry also sends an amazing amount of kick-back to the NRCC (over $70,000), a lot of which is rumored to be ensuring that McHenry stays on their good side... and keeps their mouths shut. This group is rumored to possess more McHenry info. In comparison, he only "gifted" $2,000 to the NCGOP.
- McHenry has even spent his cash on one of his big supporters, the "Home of the Perfect Christmas Tree", which (to the best of my recollection) is one of the places that promotes his help in this district (which has never come). Fact: He spent over $4,000 there. I wonder.
- Despite McHenry Real Estate being... well, fake, McHenry still seems to get a LOT of money (over $40,000) from that realm- when he doesn't even own a house he lives in, and, according to the rumor mill, lives with his new female staffer or his lover Brett Keeter, Mr. DWI (you know, the guy who wants to work in government but refuses to obey the most basic of laws).

Thoreau got this information from OpenSecrets.

He concludes:
Congress is in control of our purse strings, and if we want to give them that control, we have to see how they handle what they give them. And if this election is any indicator, the last man we need touching any of our money is Patrick T. McHenry.

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