Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dan Johnson, the 10th's next representative

From BlueNC by DharmaPup:

Daniel Johnson ... the next representative from the 10th district? God/Allah/YHWH/Shiva willing. Some interesting info from the Denver Post from some time back tells a little bit of his story:

Johnson joined the Navy to see the world, and this certainly was a good start. The USS Blue Ridge was being pulled from port by tugboat at Pusan, South Korea, last August when Daniel spotted one of his men in trouble. Seaman Steven Wright, 21, of Pine Bluff, Ark., was working the large cables connecting the tugboat with the ship and had become entangled. The tugboat began pulling Wright toward a small hole in the ship's side. That could have ripped him apart.

An official "summary of action" report noted that seven other personnel were on the scene but only Ensign Johnson rushed to the seaman's aid. When Johnson tried to loosen the cable from Wright's leg, his own legs got caught.

Each survived. However, Wright lost a foot and four fingers. Johnson lost his lower legs below the knee for his actions.

On September 24th, 1999, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Johnson received the Navy/Marine Corp Medal (photo) for his actions.

"It says a lot about him that he didn't hesitate. He just wanted to save the guy's life even if it meant risking his," Will Johnson said. "That was one of his men. That's what he was thinking about."

Here's another interesting article from All Hands, the magazine of the US Navy.

I'm just wondering how that great warrior and military hero Patrick McHenry (the hyperinflated little fart) will try to swiftboat Johnson if/when he runs. It'll happen ... shades of an AWOL Texas National Guard pilot calling a decorated Vietnam veteran unpatriotic. If he does step in (and I'm hopeful), he'll need all the help NC Dems can give.

Still, Johnson's own comment about his experience of recovering from his injuries seems to fit what he'll face if/when he runs against Patty:

"I now have more determination to focus on things that I didn't have before the accident," Johnson said. "Everyone has challenges you don't think you can overcome, but if you maintain a positive attitude and work toward it, life will turn out normal."