Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pat's peep Fraley evades assault charges

From Monday's Roll Call article we know all about how Gaston County Commissioner Allen Fraley, right, once gave Pat McHenry a $25,000 discount on a home (and that same week gave him $500 to run for Congress).

But we didn't know that recently Fraley was charged with drunken fighting in public.

The story allegedly goes like this: Allen and his 21-year-old son get drunk at a Myrtle Beach bar. One of them allegedly sticks his hand up a woman's skirt. Woman's boyfriend starts beating up on them. Fight between Allen, son, and boyfriend. Two assault and one drunk-in-public charge against Allen.

The complainants fail to show at the trial so the charges are dismissed. Wonder if McHenry enforcers Jason Deans or Brett Keeter helped said complainants change their minds . . .

Gaston Gazette reported it this way:
According to the police report, the three accusers in the case were all working security that night at Senor Frogs — a club at the popular tourist strip known as Broadway at the Beach.

The employees broke up a fight between the Fraleys and an unknown male and escorted them from the club, according to the report.
So we can add this to the list of Pat's lovely friends: blowjob boy Glenn Murphy, the DUI twins: former Chief of Staff Jason Deans and current Deputy District Director Brett Keeter, former staffer-who-votes-fraudulently Aaron Lay, and don't forget former co-habitant Scott Stewart who harasses women and bilks seniors.

Geez, Pat's Peeps are nasty dirty naughty boys.


Thanks to Zombie Birdhouse for the Pat's Peeps graphics.