Monday, April 28, 2008

McHenry's legal threat backfires

Stupid Pat. He originally skated through his "two-bit" scandal with mostly favorable local coverage (or no coverage at all!)

But the dull-witted one just couldn't be happy having avoided almost every local paper covering that he 1) called a Green Zone military guard "two-bit," 2) then posted an unauthorized video showing where insurgent bombs had fallen, after which 3) insurgents (who may or may not be connected to the insurgents in item 2) scored a direct hit exactly where McHenry showed them on the video. That direct hit killed two, including a colonel, and injured 17.

So, not only did Pat's legal threats intimidate Republican opponent Lance Sigmon not at all, but they also led to a reiteration district-wide of McHenry's "Iraq-two-bit-comment-video-post-and-subsequent-deadly-bombing" debacle.

According to the Hickory Daily Record:
Last week, Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall of Georgia said there is no way McHenry’s video aided the enemy. Marshall was on the trip with McHenry.

Williams’ letter states the troop locations assertion is false and the video did not cause the death of two Americans. Williams letter said several issues on the video are false and aimed at “smearing Representative McHenry’s reputation.”

Sigmon said the ad did not make that assertion, only that the deaths occurred after the airing of the video on McHenry’s Web site. Shortly after placing the video on his Web site, McHenry took it down. After removing the video, members of McHenry’s staff contacted the U.S. Defense Department and were told it would be best not to post the video again.

Providing the location and damage of enemy fire is not allowed, according to military officials.
Pretty funny that he's relying on some obscure Georgia rep no one has heard of to defend him. Gee, I wonder why there's no one from the military who can assure us that he did no harm? Vet's Voice, a website for Iraq War veterans, has some opinions on that.

Here's the letter that prove McHenry's lawyers have little understanding of the nature of libel, slander and public figures.

And, just for a laugh, check out McHenry Rocks. Too bad Blogger is free or we could prove this is not a McHenry fan but a McHenry employee. They'd have to report the payment. But, get real. It's blatantly obvious that the only fans McHenry has are people he's paying or people he lives with!


micandacam said...

Does anyone besides me find it odd that that letter was addressed to "Lance" and not "Mr. Sigmon (or whatever his rank is"?

Drama Queen said...

I imagine that the two lawyers are friends. So, it's not a letter from Pat to Lance but from Kelsey to Lance. They probably meet at the courthouse . . .

joyfulrunner said...

Actually, I seriously doubt if Lt. Col. Sigmon and this Kelsey Williams know each other...Sigmon does not practice in the local courts. In any case, good manners (which are notably lacking in all McHenry associates) would require that a formal letter from an attorney to anyone would begin with their proper title (Mr., Dr., etc). In addition, in the military, proper use of rank is always required, even between friends and co-workers. I believe that the use of Lt.Col. Sigmon's first name is a sign of disrespect. Not surprising when you remember who these attorneys represent...

Drama Queen said...

Thinking about it more, joyfulrunner, I agree. There's a call here for the highest courtesy and to use a first name seems disrespectful whether or not they are acquainted.

But, as you say, I'm not surprised at any behavior by people affiliated with Pat McHenry.

Anonymous said...

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