Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From the Blogosphere: McHorny hearts Ron Paul

From CopperheadNC at the Paulenteer:

I was at a meeting of the Gaston County GOP executive committee last night, and Patrick McHenry decided to pop in and give an impromptu speech. I had previously only known him as the one guy to have an earmark challenged and actually shot down in the House, and otherwise didn’t follow his career very closely.

During his speech, he started talking about the excitement of the nomination process this year, and went through all the normal spiel about the “Top tier” candidates … pretty much what I expected to hear. Then, out of nowhere, he started talking about Ron Paul, and he blew me away.

I wish I had recorded the speech, because it would have gone great on the acclaim page at RP’s site, but the gist of it was that Ron Paul stands for what Republicans SHOULD stand for. He noted that many Republicans feel that the RP movement is an invasion by libertarians, but that they are incorrect, and that we are helping to bring the party back to where it ought to be. I was hoping for an endorsement, which didn’t come, but it is obvious that he really has a lot of respect for Dr. Paul and the revolution!

Considering we don’t have a single endorsement from Congress, I wanted to share this with the board. Looks like we have a friend in Patrick McHenry!

Or at least he wanted these people to think he endorses libertarian ideas while he continues to act without ethics or morals. Anyone else know about this Gaston County meeting?

Meanwhile, at the MLB hearings:
Is anyone watching ESPN and this inquaire by congress? The questions and smugness of the senators makes me sick. This little J/O from NC Patrick Mchenry [sic] is on such a power trip. Its hard to explain it but one thing he keeps bringing up is "change for the children" or "kids look up to these players, set examples" blah blah blah.

My responses would have been something like "clean your own messes: or " you got some balls telling us to think of the children, what about all the lying, stealing and corruption going on in Govt"

this is suck a waste of time and money. Parents be the role model and teach your kids right from wrong. Tell them is Clemens is doing juice that doesn't make it right.
So, McHorny continues to stand on some kind of high ethical horse as he behaves in completely unethical ways. I wonder what else he's trying to hide, particularly from the "top tier" candidates. Like his underhanded financial dealings or his love of bahavior no one would consider Christian or conservative . . .


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