Tuesday, December 18, 2007

McHorny PR piece backfires

Every time Pat has some bad press, say that his popularity is plummeting, our Pat McHorny has a great record of getting some major publications to print cutesy puff pieces about how he really isn't a nasty hypocrite (say, over earmarks) or really isn't all that connected to his staffer's voter fraud or that didn't have anything to do with the half dozen irregularities in his financial disclosures.

Insiders say his recent popularity plummet coincides with the publication of information to back the previous rumors that Pat is not, shall we say, living his life with the family values of his campaign rhetoric. So, we shouldn't be all that surprised that The Hill stepped up to the media-whore-for-Republicans plate by printing this nauseating crap about House Cloak Room rumors of a girlfriend.

But really, folks, they must be getting pretty damn desperate. His potential fiance, Congresswoman Mary Fallin, just reminded everyone of what a lightweight he is:
“There’s a slight problem. He’s much, much younger than me. He’s 32, no? And I’m in my 50s. He’s a sweet man. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think it was boredom in the Cloak Room.”
Like anyone believes he's sweet! That's rich. Or maybe she thinks his lame attempts to attack Barney Frank and others on the House floor are more like a puppy dog trying to be a pit bull and failing miserably.

And over at BlogActive, Mike Rogers probably got more hits reminding readers of the relevant evidence that he's not all that interested, at least not in an evangelically approved marriage.
I wonder if Representative Fallin knows that Pat owned a house in DC with another man... I also wonder if she knew his North Carolina home was a hostel for young men...
Oops. That puff piece kind of backfired, eh, Pat?

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